My name is Vicky Hattum and I wish to welcome you to this website.  I live on a small family farm operation with my husband Albert.  We raise and harvest our own crops as well as custom farm and harvest for a few neighbors.  Among other things I am a bookkeeper, a combine operator, a mother, a grandmother, a quilter, a gardener and a horse lover.  
My love for horses has evolved into a desire to raise and sell a few good ones.  I breed for intelligence, athletic ability, and willingness to learn.  I raise mostly Quarter Horses, but I also raise a few Arabian and Quarab Horses.  I love the QH athletic ability and work ethics, but I also love the Arabian beauty, endurance and intelligence so I have starting to combine the best of both in one package, the Quarab.  Welcome again and enjoy the pictures of horses and fields.

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