This page is a link to our other agricultural activities.  My husband, Albert, and I farm and harvest over 1300 acres.  Our primary crops are corn, wheat and soybeans, but we have also raised sunflowers.  Albert also puts up different types of hay, straw, alfalfa, and corn stalks every year.

We also custom farm and harvest over 2000 acres for a few neighbors. 

Albert is our resident 'Jack Of All Trades'.  He repairs tractors, combines, semis, pickups, pasture water tanks, well house pumps, etc. and is a passing fair carpenter and plumber too.

I fill my time with the farm bookkeeping, cooking for the help, running a combine during harvest season, playing parts gopher, quilting, sewing, cooking and canning, and taking care of my horses.

Our children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and even their friends have all had a hand in the working pot here as well.

We value our family, both immediate and satellite, above all else.  Having things does not matter if you do not have anyone to share them with.

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